Choosing a donor – considerations and emotions

Tuesday 31st August 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

Choosing a donor can feel like the biggest decision you’ve made in your entire life. Whether you’re being matched by a clinic, or choosing from a list yourself, no doubt questions such as “How do I decide?” “Will they look like me?” and “What if they don’t?’ are circling around your head. From my own experience I felt a real loss of control at this stage of our journey, a stage in which I felt very alone and struggled to navigate.

Angela Pericleous-Smith, Chair of BICA, talks with experience from a counselling perspective about what different emotions can be triggered when starting to make these decisions, whether you’re going solo or in a same sex or heterosexual couple. We explored why we often place emphasis on the donor looking like us as well as some of the other common fears and questions that we find.

The level of information you will get about your donor will largely depend on where you have treatment. We were joined by Sarah Pallett of Altrui Egg Donation, a donor matching agency in the UK to share insights from her vast experience of matching women with altruistic egg donors. She shares some of the complexities she often sees in patient decision making and how she goes about matching a person with a donor.

Speaker Bio

Angela Pericleous-Smith

Angela is Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and has practised as a specialist fertility counsellor for almost 20 years. Angela offers support, therapeutic and implications counselling to couples and individuals exploring their fertility and considering assisted conception or fertility preservation.

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Speaker Bio

Sarah Pallett

Egg Donation & Clinical Relations Lead
Sarah is responsible for leading the services offered by the Altrui & Apricity teams, alongside liaising with their partner clinics. She has 30 years of experience in medical nursing, community nursing and gynaecology, and is a passionate advocate on how egg donation changes lives.