We will be offering access to courses and resources to provide enhanced support at different stages of the donor conception journey, with special discounts for Paths To Parenthub members.

Free Web Resource

Donor Conception – Supporting Your Loved One

This free resource has been designed to give you an insight into families built through donor conception.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a link to specially curated web pages which share relevant information about how family and friends can understand more about this pathway, including how they can support their loved ones who are embarking on a path to parenthood through donor conception.

With information from professionals, as well as personal stories to bring this to life, our hope is that this will support those who are sharing this news, enabling open conversations to take place and ultimately leading to a better understanding of the beginnings of a family story.

HAABI birth – Preparing to Meet Your Baby

(Exclusive collaboration with Paths To Parenthub)

The only antenatal course specifically for those who are pregnant through donor conception. Delivered virtually, it not only gives you the chance to learn everything you need to know before having your baby, but it offers the chance to do so within a group that have walked a similar path, with understanding of some of the emotions and anxieties you may feel in relation to donor conception. It allows you to create friendships and share your journey with other families who have walked this path to parenthood, including future connections for your new child.

Chloe @HAABI, an experienced midwife will lead you (and your partner if applicable) through this course, sensitive to some of the more difficult journeys that many of you have had to get to this stage. During the course, there will also be an opportunity to chat with Becky, Paths To Parenthub founder, to ask questions about her own personal experience of having her babies after using a donor.

The Stork and I

Solo Motherhood Courses

The Stork and I offers three different group coaching courses for support at each stage of your solo mum journey.

Courses include group coaching for single women considering solo motherhood, group coaching for pregnant solo mums to be, and group coaching for solo mums looking to live their best lives.

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