Donor conception for solo parent families

Monday 13th September 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

I’m delighted to be handing over to Mel Johnson to host a Paths to Parenthub webinar specifically focused on donor conception as a solo parent. Mel is mum to Daisy, 3, after embarking on her own solo motherhood journey and now spends her time coaching and supporting others on this path to parenthood through The Stork and I. Mel is joined by Angela Pericleous-Smith, Chair of The British Infertility Counselling Association, who has vast experience in counselling women through making this decision and beyond.

They covered many of the topics that can arise, with focus on choices relating to using a donor to conceive. They explored making the decision and letting go of the original idea of family building, choosing a clinic and treatment, choosing a sperm donor, creating a support network and owning and sharing your story, both with others and your child. Touching on both practical and emotional considerations, there is so much to be covered that is specific to this particular path within donor conception.

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Speaker Bio

Mel Johnson

Mel is a solo mum (single mother by choice) to her 3 year old daughter. She’s an experienced coach with 15 years of personal development and leadership coaching, skills which she now uses to work with single women who want to ensure that they don’t miss out on motherhood because of their relationship status.

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Speaker Bio

Angela Pericleous-Smith

Angela is Chair of the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA) and has practised as a specialist fertility counsellor for almost 20 years.

Angela offers support, therapeutic and implications counselling to couples and individuals exploring their fertility and considering assisted conception or fertility preservation and people experiencing infertility, secondary infertility and people who are involuntarily childless.

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