Finding your way with your donor conceived child: Attachment and Bonding

Wednesday 3rd February

I chatted with the wonderful Julianne, perinatal psychologist from Parenthood in Mind, all about what can be one of our biggest worries when embarking on a path to parenthood with donor conception – Will I bond with my child? In the context of donor conception, Julianne will explore what attachment actually looks like, including how it can be different and yet also the same. Reflecting back to our conversation about “grieving the loss of an old dream and redefining a new dream” Julianne will talk about the process we go through as we approach meeting our baby, as we transition from our ‘idealised baby’ to our very real baby before us. 

We’ll consider what feelings might be felt, how to recognise these and what influences may play a part, as well as how you (and your partner) can take steps to support your growing attachment, touching on prenatal attachment, epigenetics, pregnancy and birth. It’s understanding that it is a relationship that will change and develop over time, with the overarching message being how this is a process, one that all parents go through, but in the case of donor conception can be influenced by infertility, conception and genetic links. 

This webinar will help break down and focus on the psychology behind attachment and bonding to allow us to better understand how our feelings come into play at a time where emotions and expectations can run incredibly high. It will no doubt validate many fears and concerns, whilst providing useful advice to support you as you bring your child into the world.


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Speaker Bio

Julianne Boutaleb

Julianne is a highly experienced perinatal psychologist, who has worked for over 17 years in the NHS and in private practice with individuals and couples adversely impacted by infertility issues.

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