Free Resources

We have a variety of free resources to help you to get started on this journey and to find out more about Paths to Parenthub.

Free Web Resource

Donor Conception – Supporting Your Loved One

This free resource has been designed to give you an insight into families built through donor conception.

Once you have subscribed, you will receive a link to specially curated web pages which share relevant information about how family and friends can understand more about this pathway, including how they can support their loved ones who are embarking on a path to parenthood through donor conception.

With information from professionals, as well as personal stories to bring this to life, our hope is that this will support those who are sharing this news, enabling open conversations to take place and ultimately leading to a better understanding of the beginnings of a family story.

Free Webinar – “So, who’s the ‘real’ mum/dad?”

Whether you’re using a donor to conceive as part of an LGBTQ+ couple, heterosexual couple or as a solo parent, there will likely be questions raised about who is involved in making a baby, which can often be linked with terminology and perceptions around what is real. This is a common fear and question that can evoke insecurities, particularly for non-genetic parents. We’ll explore the impact this can have and will share some tips on how you might deal with questions around this, both emotionally and practically.

ReDefining Parenthood Podcast

Hosted by Becky of DefiningMum, The Redefining Parenthood (RP) podcast focuses on family building when using a donor, featuring stories where a difficult trying to conceive journey has unexpectedly led them towards this path.

Through personal stories, Becky shares relatable conversations as she talks to her guests about the hope and the expectations, alongside feelings of shame, dealing with genetic loss, family resemblances, talking to others and importantly to our children about this lesser discussed family building story.