How might my child feel about their conception?

Monday 14th December 2020 – 8pm (GMT)

In this webinar we focused mainly on the personal stories of our two donor conceived adults – Kate and Lou, both sperm donor conceived, yet totally different stories. I felt both stories really contrasted to show the importance of telling early, how our child might pick up on how we tell the story, the natural ways in which they may become curious and also how their relationship with their non-genetic parent wasn’t significantly changed.

I also chatted with Gerry McCluskey, a Fertility Counsellor with vast experience and a special interest in the broad range of ways families are formed, about what can be one of the biggest worries we as parents face after donor conception.

Lots of questions were answered as we took a really in-depth look at how those with lived experiences of being donor conceived really feel.


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Speaker Bio

Gerry McCluskey

Working for Family Routes, a voluntary social work agency, Gerry McCluskey has a particular interest in the broad range of different ways in which families are formed, the issues of belonging, connection, identity, loss and fulfilment which relate to the pursuit of family life whatever its form. Working as a Fertility Counsellor, she has a specific interest in donor conception, having gone on to organise several conferences entitled Becoming a Family with the help of a Donor.

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