How might my child feel? Part two – exploring our concerns

Thursday 22nd July 2021 – 8.30pm (GMT)

Following on from our hugely successful webinar last year on this same topic I spoke again to Gerry McCluskey, a Fertility Counsellor with vast experience and a special interest in the broad range of ways families are formed, about what can be one of the biggest worries we as parents face after donor conception.

In December we heard from two donor conceived adults about how their conception story had impacted their lives, something which I’ll be gaining more perspectives on in upcoming live chats.

Whilst no-one can truly know how each individual will feel, we explored a little more about what research can tell us, how donor conception has evolved over time and what the spectrum of responses might be. This included talking about the importance of sharing information with our children, how identity formation works over the different developmental stages and how we as parents can build our own resilience to best support our children as they grow. Gerry and I picked up on some of the themes brought up in the previous webinar and explore these further.


Speaker Bio

Gerry McCluskey

Working for Family Routes, a voluntary social work agency, Gerry McCluskey has a particular interest in the broad range of different ways in which families are formed, the issues of belonging, connection, identity, loss and fulfilment which relate to the pursuit of family life whatever its form.

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