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Apricity & Altrui Egg Donation

Collaboration with Paths To Parenthub & DefiningMum

Paths to Parenthub are delighted to be partnering with Apricity and Altrui to offer another layer of
emotional support to their patients on this journey, in addition to the practical support they are
providing in helping then to grow their family.

Apricity and Altrui are sister companies committed to the same goal: reimagining fertility journeys
and giving individuals trying to conceive the best experience possible, ultimately maximising their
chances of success. Apricity is the fertility treatment arm of Altrui, and Altrui is the egg donation arm
of Apricity.

Altrui’s pregnancy rate is 79%, the highest in the UK. Their unique approach puts you and your donor
at the centre of everything that they do, ensuring you both have the right information, support, and
medical care to give you the best chances of success. Thanks to their virtual pathways and network
of clinics, recipients and donors alike can get started from home and receive treatment as close to
home as possible.

During 2021, patients of Altrui will have the opportunity to join Paths to Parenthub with a free 3-
month membership. To find out more about what support they can offer, click here.



Fertility Road

Recently I wrote an article for Fertility Road Magazine called “How to talk to your employer about your fertility treatment” – click here to download your copy.