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Embarking on donor conception as a path to parenthood can feel incredibly overwhelming, it can be difficult to know where to start and find emotional support. Even later down the line, it can be hard to find other parents who have similar shared experiences and are navigating the same fears, emotions and challenges that parenting after donor conception can bring.

Paths To Parenthub offers community, experts, support and resources to help make your journey less lonely and easier to navigate. As a member, you can have exclusive access to our comprehensive support package. One click whisks you through to a range of resources, regular supportive webinars and continual connection through our private networking group. In addition, you benefit from access to member-only discounts and priority event tickets.

What’s included in the membership?


Access to regular interactive webinars, live chats and support groups including a range of professionals, experiences and perspectives



Make connections, share experiences, find support and chat openly within our private, members-only networking group app



24/7 access to webinar recordings, personal stories, reflections, tips and guidance, as well as recommended resources

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Professional Membership

As a professional member, you will have exclusive access to our resources to provide you with specific insights into the complexities within donor conception, including the most common fears and questions that are often raised by recipient parents, which will help you to best understand and support your patients.

NEW member course:
‘Navigating Common Fears’

With donor conception it may seem that you are raising more questions than you are answering, that there is a sense of overwhelming emotions, a barrage of information, or that all of your fears need to be confronted at once. Our new resource is designed, hopefully, to hold your hand along the way, by breaking down these fears and pointing you towards our resources that aim to help you understand them better. It won’t give you all the answers, unfortunately you have to do that bit yourselves, but it will help you look for them in the right places, and ultimately will remind you that you are not alone.

This will be a resource that will continue to grow with Paths to Parenthub as new webinars and conversations are added and as members give feedback on what is important for them.

Upcoming Live Chats

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Virtual Member Support & Connection Groups

Our virtual support & connection groups offer opportunities for members to come together virtually to chat and find support with others who are at a similar stage to them. Hosted by someone who has walked this path, they are designed to be a safe space to share your experiences, any feelings you are having and to make friendships with those who truly ‘get it’. 

We now host a variety of sessions each month, with options for different timezones and also for the specific stage of the journey you are at. 

All of these support groups, as well as our webinars and live chats, can be accessed from within our community app.


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“When I saw that Becky had created the Paths to Parenthub, I decided to join one of the webinars. I think it was the one on epigenetics. I left the session feeling hopeful, the first time I’d been given hope in a very long time. I signed up to the platform not long after and have since watched various webinars, connected with women who are going through a similar experience and sought advice from people I’ve never met. Just before Christmas, there was a virtual meet up. I can’t describe what this did for my attitude towards infertility and egg donation. Finally, I was in a room (albeit a virtual one) with like-minded people, people who understood how it felt when everyone around you is experiencing something you want so badly. It felt like the tightest hug that I’d been craving ever since we started on our TTC journey. I’m so grateful to Becky for creating this community who I know will be holding each other’s hands for now and years to come.”

Lauren, UK

“Paths to Parenthub has been an amazing source of support and inspiration. Becky has created a fantastic, safe online space, which is complemented by brilliantly informative events. I have already made some powerful connections with others in the same donor conception boat as us, and the comfort that comes from losing that sense of isolation is priceless. This journey to parenthood has been tough, but I now feel I have found my tribe via this platform. I cannot thank Becky enough for all her work to normalise and celebrate donor-conception.”

Sarah, UK

“Coming to terms with the suggestion of donor conception takes time and requires deep consideration. Being able to share information, hear stories from parents that have already made that choice and connecting with others at the same stage has been a valuable experience that has added to the small amount of counselling on offer from our clinic.”

Katie, UK

“Hi Becky, my husband and I listened to you on the webinar last night and found your honesty and insight so helpful. We are in a very similar situation to what you have been through and are awaiting a donor egg match with Altrui after my diagnosis of reduced ovarian reserve. I have read and listened to many stories of infertility but for some reason you connected with me (through Zoom!) We just wanted to say Thank you.”

Anon, UK (Feedback following my online live webinar with Altrui Egg Donation)

“Hi Becky, my husband and I listened to you on the webinar last night and found your honesty and insight so helpful. We are in a very similar situation to what you have been through and are awaiting a donor egg match with Altrui after my diagnosis of reduced ovarian reserve. I have read and listened to many stories of infertility but for some reason you connected with me (through Zoom!) We just wanted to say Thank you.”

Anon, UK (Feedback following my online live webinar with Altrui Egg Donation)

“Thank you so much for a great webinar! Easier to follow as I live in Norway, and easier to convince my husband to also listen in! I feel crazy when trying to explain how I feel to him, thinks it is easier for him to understand when other also speak about the same feelings. More of this!  I also have POI, hence I relate very much to your story!”

Anon, Norway (Feedback following my online live webinar with Altrui Egg Donation)

Hi, I’m Becky

I’m a proud and grateful mum to three daughters all thanks to egg donation. This followed a difficult few years starting with a diagnosis of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency at the age of 28. Then followed five failed IVF cycles with my own eggs, including a miscarriage. It was only once I had our girls that I looked back and realised the enormity of the journey we had been on, with very little emotional support or guidance.

I started to share my story through my blog DefiningMum and social media channels in late 2018. It was then I realised the true power of sharing, connecting with others and finding support as part of a community of people with shared experiences.

More about me

Even now, I’m still learning about how to best talk to my children about their conception and prepare to support them with questions in the future, which has also made me realise just how much there is to learn on this journey.

My vision for this hub has been to create everything that I would have needed back when making the decision, alongside the support and everything I wish to know now as a parent.

Knowing that donor conception is often a personal topic, I‘ve created this private space for parents and parents-to-be to come together and support each other, with experts on hand to inform and answer questions. My hope is for it to feel more structured than the Instagram community and more private than Facebook, but still with that personal, warm touch to make you feel welcome. The hub is constantly growing and evolving – something I always look to members for feedback on as I shape this community to support anyone who embarks on this journey to use a donor to build their family. 


Want to meet Becky and find out more about Paths to Parenthub? Click here to watch the video

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Check to see if we’ve already answered your question in our frequently asked questions below. If not, you can contact us via the contact form or directly at

Is the content relevant if I don't live in the UK?

Although much of the content is created here in the UK, many of the emotional support topics covered are universal. Members outside of the UK are very much welcomed within the Paths to Parenthub community!

What software do I need to access all of the features?

Paths to Parenthub is a web based members portal. You’ll just need a web browser and internet connection to access it and you can use any device – desktop, tablet or mobile. All of our webinars and live chats will be held via a private zoom link.

How do I pay for my membership?

Membership is paid for via credit/debit card. If signing up for a monthly or annual membership this will renew automatically using the card you signed up with. You’ll have the opportunity to update your card details if you need to via your account on the website. 

How will you ensure the 'connection' networking group is private, safe and secure?

The Paths to Parenthub ‘connection’ networking site is hosted through Mighty Networks as a private group. This means that only those who are members can request to join. All members will need to be approved by Paths to Parenthub, and within the site there are guidelines for all members to adhere to. 

What if I can't make a webinar or live chat due to commitments or timezone difference?
All webinars and live chats will be uploaded the very next day into the ‘Watch’ section of our resources for you to view at your own leisure. You are still able to submit any questions you may have for the speakers beforehand.
How do I cancel my membership?

The monthly and annual membership is an automatic renewal, if you would like to cancel your membership all you need to do is click here and complete the short cancellation form with one week notice ahead of your next payment due date. Currently there is no minimum membership term on the monthly subscription.

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Special thanks to Apricity and Altrui for making this platform possible through the collaborative work we have done together to raise awareness of the emotional side of donor conception.