Preparing ourselves, whilst holding perspective

Tuesday 23rd August 2022 – 8pm (BST)

Donor conception and all of the worries that can come along with it can feel heavy at times, reopening previous feeings of grief as we work to best prepare ourselves to support our children, as they learn about their conception and what this means for them. This means at times having to address triggering topics, challenging opinions and worrying perspectives, which can cause anxiety and worry for parents about what lays ahead, as well as sometimes guilt for decisions that have already been made. It’s important to not allow these worries to impact how present we are with our children, taking away from the joy we are now so grateful to share.

I chatted with the wonderful Gerry McCluskey all about this topic, how we can prepare ourselves as parents whilst managing our emotions and maintaining perspective within our own families and sphere of control. We discuss how we might find a balance in this, cope with topics that can make us feel uncomfortable and open ourselves up to listening to what might truly prepare us in being ready to support our children in however they may feel.

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Speaker Bio

Gerry McCluskey

Working for Family Routes, a voluntary social work agency, Gerry McCluskey has a particular interest in the broad range of different ways in which families are formed, the issues of belonging, connection, identity, loss and fulfilment which relate to the pursuit of family life whatever its form.

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