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Virtual support has become a way of life since 2020. The beauty of virtual is that it allows you to interact within the privacy of your own home, watch with whomever you wish and access from anywhere in the world! Having previously partnered with Altrui and Apricity to produce hugely successful events, Paths To Parenthub provides monthly webinars focusing on emotional support throughout the entire donor conception journey.

All webinars, live chats and now support group access are included within the membership, with the opportunity for members to submit questions prior to each event creating content and discussion which has been shaped by you. As a member, you will also have access to additional bonus webinars and live chats throughout the year, with many incredible expert speakers already lined up.

Coping with the waiting and the in-between

Tuesday 20th June 2023 – 8pm (BST)

Waiting is hard. Whether it be on a long and uncertain fertility journey or through pregnancy following a complex path to get there, many can experience heightened stress and anxiety during these times. It can be a time where it's easy to question decisions, wobble and feel doubts creep in. I'll be joined by Julianne Boutaleb, perinatal psychologist and founder of Parenthood in Mind, as we explore how we can help manage the wait. We'll explore why the wait can conjure up more questions and doubts and how we can manage our emotions through this time.

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The ConnecteDNA Project with Dr Leah Gilman

Tuesday 27th June 2023 – 8pm (BST)

For this live webinar we will be diving into the findings of this fascinating study with one of its lead researchers Dr Leah Gilman. We will also be exploring how some of the conclusions of the study may go on to shape the future of DNA testing for our donor conceived families.

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Understanding childhood development in the context of donor conception – the teenage years

Wednesday 26th July 2023 – 8pm (BST)

For our final session of this series we'll explore the age that I know I hold the most fears about - the teenage years. A time where hormones are dominant, identity formation is more at the forefront and we might expect to hear the words "you're not my real mum/dad/parent" thrown at us at some point, a fear that I've heard many times that can be much more prominent for parents who don't share a genetic link. So what is happening to their development during these years? And what can we do as parents to maintain that safe space and to really understand the developmental phases at this time in their lives?

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Dealing with guilt: how can we be kind to ourselves?

Tuesday 19th September 2023 – 8pm (BST)

One of the biggest emotional challenges I've faced since becoming a parent through donor conception has been the feelings of guilt I've experienced relating to using an anonymous donor to conceive. I wanted to hold this session because I know many others who feel this way too and that there's little support out there as to how to navigate the complexity of emotions when this may lead us to feel more anxiety about how our children may react, regret for taking a choice away from them and even shame, with some online forums placing blame on recipient parents for these choices.

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Living with grief: Do we ever truly move on?

Tuesday 24th October 2023 – 8pm (BST)

Do we ever truly move on from grief? This is a question many of us ask. When it comes to genetic loss, it's very often a grief that we as individuals can grow around, whilst other emotions can co-exist and grow around too. I'll be joined by Julianne Boutaleb, perinatal psycologist and founder of Parenthood in Mind, as we explore what is meant by the phrase 'ghosts in the nursery' in relation to fertility trauma and genetic loss. We'll talk about what might cause unexpected triggers throughout our lives and how we might support ourselves through these if they occur.

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Virtual Member Support & Connection Groups

Our virtual support & connection groups offer opportunities for members to come together virtually to chat and find support with others who are at a similar stage to them. Hosted by someone who has walked this path, they are designed to be a safe space to share your experiences, any feelings you are having and to make friendships with those who truly ‘get it’. 

We now host a variety of sessions each month, with options for different timezones and also for the specific stage of the journey you are at. 

All of these support groups, as well as our webinars and live chats, can be accessed from within our community app.


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