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Virtual support has become a way of life since 2020. The beauty of virtual is that it allows you to interact within the privacy of your own home, watch with whomever you wish and access from anywhere in the world! Having previously partnered with Altrui and Apricity to produce hugely successful events, Paths To Parenthub provides monthly webinars focusing on emotional support throughout the entire donor conception journey.

All webinars, live chats and now support group access are included within the membership, with the opportunity for members to submit questions prior to each event creating content and discussion which has been shaped by you. As a member, you will also have access to additional bonus webinars and live chats throughout the year, with many incredible expert speakers already lined up.

Choosing a donor – considerations and emotions

Tuesday 31st August 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

Choosing a donor can feel like the biggest decision you’ve made in your entire life. In this webinar Angela Pericleous-Smith, Chair of BICA, will talk with experience from a counselling perspective about what different emotions can be triggered when starting to make these decisions, whether you’re going solo or in a same sex or heterosexual couple. We’ll also be joined by Jane Holman of Altrui Egg Donation, to share insights from her vast experience of matching women with altruistic egg donors.

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Our Parenting Identity

Tuesday 21st September 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

This webinar will focus on how, as parents through donor conception, we can redefine our parenting identity, as well as the reasons why donor conception can make us question our legitimacy in the first place.

I’ll be joined again by the wonderful Julianne, Consultant Perinatal Psychologist at Parenthood in Mind, to really focus on this topic and our common fears. She’ll be talking about what fathering and mothering actually is and can be, especially in the face of the grief and loss of a genetic link to our child.

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Donor Conception after Loss

Tuesday 12th October 2021 – 8pm (GMT)

As part of Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021 we’ll be hosting a special webinar focusing on donor conception after pregnancy loss.

I’ll be joined by Julianne Boutaleb, Consultant Perinatal Psychologist from Parenthood in Mind, as we talk about grief and how it can impact our decision making, future treatment cycles, pregnancy and parenting our rainbow baby after loss and in the context of donor conception.

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