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Virtual support has become a way of life since 2020. The beauty of virtual is that it allows you to interact within the privacy of your own home, watch with whomever you wish and access from anywhere in the world! Having previously partnered with Altrui and Apricity to produce hugely successful events, Paths To Parenthub provides monthly webinars focusing on emotional support throughout the entire donor conception journey.

All webinars, live chats and now support group access are included within the membership, with the opportunity for members to submit questions prior to each event creating content and discussion which has been shaped by you. As a member, you will also have access to additional bonus webinars and live chats throughout the year, with many incredible expert speakers already lined up.

Mixed families and secondary infertility

Tuesday 25th January 2022 – 8pm (GMT)

In this session with Gerry McCluskey and Angela Pericleous-Smith, we'll be exploring the challenges and emotions that are often prevalent when experiencing secondary infertility. Having to make the decision to use donor conception when trying to conceive a sibling after a genetic child can bring about its own complex set of emotions, questions and challenges.

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Dashed Hopes and Broken Dreams: How to cope when donor conception doesn’t work

Tuesday 22nd February 2022 – 8pm (GMT)

There can be so much focus on the real hope that donor conception can bring, but what about when it doesn't work? Whilst donor conception offers the next frontier in terms of science and brings with it real hope around what is possible, when it isn't successful it can reopen up the grief cycle, something which will be explained by one of our resident speakers, the wonderful Julianne, Perinatal Psychologist from Parenthood In Mind.

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Using a known donor – what to consider

Tuesday 22nd March 2022 – 8pm (GMT)

This panel discussion will explore not only what known donation is, but what is important to consider when embarking on this path, exploring both the practical and emotional aspects with our three speakers. I'll be joined by Christina Weis, researcher as part of the EDNA project, Anest Mathias, Senior Solicitor specialising in Family Law and Gerry McCluskey, an experienced fertility counsellor who has worked with many donor conceived families.

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Couples Uncoupled: How to navigate donor conception and look after your relationship

Tuesday 26th April 2022 – 8pm (BST)

Donor conception can be a difficult topic for one person to come to terms with, it's something which can cause extra complexities when navigating this path to parenthood as a couple. Julianne Boutaleb, Perinatal Psychologist at Parenthood in Mind, will be sharing her insights into the common scenarios where couples may begin to become 'uncoupled' as they go down this road together.
Often couples can be at different stages of the grieving cycle, where one may show ambivalence about the way forward, whereas the other is keen to press on, it may be that there's a readiness on one part and anxiety on another.

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Preparing and protecting yourself through pregnancy and beyond

Tuesday 24th May 2022 – 8pm (BST)

After a long journey to finally becoming pregnant after donor conception, we can often be left feeling 'on our own' and unsupported to navigate through pregnancy and beyond. There's huge a shift from the intensive process of becoming pregnant, to now leaving the monitoring of the clinic and heading into mainstream maternity services. I'll be talking all about this shift and how we can prepare and protect ourselves as our pregnancy through donor conception becomes a reality with the brilliant Julianne Boutaleb, Perinatal Psychologist at Parenthood in Mind.

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Legal parentage and donor conception

Tuesday 21st June 2022 – 8pm (BST)

Through this panel discussion we'll be exploring legal parenthood when it comes to donor conception. This can be a particular fear and big question for solo and LGBTQ parents, particularly where a known donor or surrogate is involved, as well as for those within a heterosexual couple too. Hayley Darknell will be leading this discussion with a personal interest in mind as the non-genetic parent within a two-mum family, being joined by Anest Mathias, a Senior Solicitor specialising in Family Law and Angela Pericleous-Smith, an experienced counsellor who has supported many individuals and couples with these fears.

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The end of donor anonymity – what does this mean?

Tuesday 19th July 2022 – 8pm (BST)

We'll be discussing the end of donor anonymity and what this means for donors, parents and individuals conceived through donor gametes. I'll be joined by three wonderful speakers who each bring a different lens to this topic. Professor Joyce Harper will be sharing the findings of her research into this topic, Gerry McCluskey, an experienced fertility counsellor, will talk about what this means for parents embarking on donor conception and Hayley Darknell will be sharing her personal insights, both as a recipient parent and a donor conceived person.

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Preparing ourselves, whilst holding perspective

Tuesday 23rd August 2022 – 8pm (BST)

Donor conception and all of the worries that can come along with it can feel heavy at times, reopening previous feeings of grief as we work to best prepare ourselves to support our children, as they learn about their conception and what this means for them. I'll be chatting with the wonderful Gerry McCluskey all about this topic, how we can prepare ourselves as parents whilst managing our emotions and maintaining perspective within our own families and sphere of control.

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Delayed Dreams: Becoming parents later in life

Tuesday 20th September 2022 – 8pm (BST)

Many needing to use donor conception will be doing so after a long and difficult reproductive journey, one which has meant not only reconceiving the dream of how you become a parent, but also when and at what age. Becoming a parent later in life can bring with it a whole range of worries. There can be many losses involved when becoming a parent later on in life, something perinatal psychologist Julianne Boutaleb, Parenthood in Mind will be talking to us about and answering your questions on.

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Reconciling the dream: dealing with genetic loss

Tuesday 18th October 2022 – 8pm (BST)

The journey to donor conception can be tinged with loss - of what we hoped would happen, how we would become parents, the loss of genetic links and the loss of our 'fantasy child' that we'd always held in our minds. I'll be chatting with one of our brilliant resident speakers, Julianne Boutaleb (Perinatal Psychologist at Parenthood in Mind) to explore the different ways we might grieve these losses and at what stages they may begin to reappear, especially if we don't allow ourselves to validate and acknowledge them earlier.

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Virtual Member Support & Connection Groups

Our virtual support & connection groups offer opportunities for members to come together virtually to chat and find support with others who are at a similar stage to them. Hosted by someone who has walked this path, they are designed to be a safe space to share your experiences, any feelings you are having and to make friendships with those who truly ‘get it’. 

We now host a variety of sessions each month, with options for different timezones and also for the specific stage of the journey you are at. 

All of these support groups, as well as our webinars and live chats, can be accessed from within our community app.


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